Philly Housing Now! Homeless Encampments & The Struggle Against Eviction (September, 2020)

For the September episode of Philly Liberation Radio, co-hosts Adiah Hicks and Jasper Saah are joined by Sterling Johnson, an organizer of the encampments for the homeless on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and Spiros Tsonos from the CASA Network on the struggle against evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. To hear an extended version of our […]

Introducing Philly Liberation Radio

Hosted by Adiah Hicks and Jasper Saah, Philly Liberation Radio is a monthly podcast which will bring you a socialist perspective of peoples’ movements in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for our first episode at the end of September! Adiah (she/her) is a volunteer with the Philadelphia Liberation Center and a member of the Party for Socialism […]