Education is a Right! The Teacher’s Struggle and Philly’s Student Movement

For this episode of Philly Liberation Radio, co-hosts Adiah Hicks and Jasper Saah are joined by Ismael Jimenez, an organizer from the Caucus of Working Educators and the Melanated Educators Collective to discuss the heightened teachers’ struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Saudia Durrant from the Philadelphia Student Union to discuss the student movement in Philly.

This month in the extended version, we are joined by Anlin Wang, an organizer from LILAC, RECLAIM Philadelphia, and Philly DSA, and Elijah Blanton, an organizer with the Philly Liberation Center and member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation to discuss the state of the U.S.’ presidential election in Pennsylvania. To hear the extended version of our podcast from Philadelphia Liberation Center volunteers, join our Patreon community at

The Philadelphia Liberation Center condemns the brutal police murder of Walter Wallace Jr. in West Philadelphia on October 26th, and condemns the outrageous targeted arrest of long-time Philadelphia activist Ant Smith. Free Ant Smith! Justice for Walter Wallace Jr. NOW!