Volunteer With The Philly Liberation Center This Summer!

The Philly Liberation Center is working with two summer programs in the Elmwood neighborhood of Southwest Philly, and we’re looking for volunteers to help run the programs! Escuelita Oscar Romero is a summer camp and after school program that the Philly Liberation Center has been helping organize with community members for over 2 years. We’re also working with another close community contact to develop an additional summer program so we can engage with and support even more kids and community members. 

Both programs work directly with migrant kids escaping violence and poverty in Central America. The programs are run through local community members, with the help of PSL members and Liberation Center volunteers, and will run through July and August. 

Now that summer break is here, all kids need a place to eat healthy food, play outside, and more importantly, be safe while their parents are working. As the US government continues to keep migrant children in detention centers and not fulfill its promise of a path to citizenship, even under Democratic President Joe Biden, we need to come together and build solidarity so that we can resist the escalating, racist attacks that migrants face in their everyday life. 

As socialists, we believe every family deserves to live with dignity, and every kid deserves to learn and grow in a safe, healthy environment. Help us help these kids and their families by volunteering with us this summer! Fight for socialism and a better world! 

Fill out this form if you’re interested in volunteering with us!