Justice for Christian Hall! Police Brutality, Mental Health, & Anti-Asian Violence

For the April episode of Philly Liberation Radio, co-hosts Adiah Hicks and Jasper Saah are joined by Nicole Henriquez, cousin of Christian Hall and Director of Communications for the Christian J. Hall Foundation, and Tina Ngo, an organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation. In our newest episode, we discuss the murder of Christian Hall by Pennsylvania State Police on December 30th, 2020, the family’s demands for justice, and the links between police brutality, mental health, and U.S. aggression in Asia.

This month in the Socialist Roundtable, we are joined by Jackie Mautner and Timour Kamran from the Philadelphia Liberation Center to discuss the deployment of the Pennsylvania National Guard as Philadelphia prepared to repress righteous protest ahead of the Derek Chauvin murder trial verdict, and a follow up discussion after he was found guilty. We also discuss Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney’s new budget proposal, the district attorney election, and Philadelphia police officer Michael Kennedy charged with stealing cash while conducting a search warrant in Kensington. To support the programs organized by the Philadelphia Liberation Center, join our Patreon community at patreon.com/phillyliberationcenter. All power to the people!