Announcing the new Liberation Center Patreon!

Today is a big day! The Philadelphia Liberation Center is launching a Patreon page and a new website!

Become a member of our Patreon!

The Patreon page is crucial for several reasons:

1) It will help the Liberation Center fund its many initiatives throughout the city, like the Escuelita Óscar Romero tutoring program for migrant kids (now moved online), the Unity & Survival Program that delivers free food to neighbors who need it most during the COVID-19 pandemic, building the movement against racist police violence though the Philly Against Police Brutality organizing project, fighting against gentrification in working class Philly neighborhoods, and more!

2) It will serve as a high-quality educational platform with exclusive features for patrons: the new Philly Liberation Radio podcast interviewing local movement organizers and analyzing Philly news; the PLC Press monthly newsletter on the political, social, and economic struggles happening in the streets of Philadelphia; and our Philly Liberation Library socialist book club that meets at the end of every month over Zoom.

PLUS, if the Patreon reaches 50 patrons within a month of launching, every patron gets a t-shirt! Check out this link to see which t-shirts you can choose from, and if the goal is reached you’ll get a form in your email so you can choose which kind and size.

From now on, the new Philly Liberation Center website will be a hub for all of our activity. It will include links to news and analysis, and updates on all the important work coming out of the PLC – with the majority of the content fully bilingual in both English and Spanish.