Stop displacing Black communities! Save the UC Townhomes!

On March 19th, members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation gathered with hundreds of others in West Philly for a block party hosted by the Save UC Townhomes Coalition. A strong, diverse turnout of students, elders, educators, longtime residents of the Black Bottom, organizations, public officials, musicians, and other neighbors showed out in solidarity to protest the planned sale of an affordable housing complex in rapidly gentrifying West Philly. The gathering began with activities, music, and food for all before taking the streets for a march and speakout. 

“I’ve lived here for 24 years. This is my home. How can you look at young mothers, senior citizens, and children, and say ‘get out’? We deserve respect! We are somebody and we do matter!” 

Lynn, a resident of the Townhomes

Owner Brett Altman plans to displace vulnerable working class residents in exchange for profit.

Call Altman himself at 215-884-8590 and immediately enter 149 to reach his extension. Then, call upon Altman to meet with residents to discuss their demands. 
Housing is a human right! Housing is the people’s fight!

Visit to view and endorse the residents’ demands.