Justice for Christian Hall

On December 30th, 2020, Christian Hall, a 19-year-old Chinese-American, was suffering from a mental health emergency. The Pennsylvania State Police were called to help Christian. The incident ended with Troopers shooting and killing him. At the time when the deadly force was used, however, Christian was standing with his hands up and did not present as a significant or deadly threat to anyone.

Christian Hall’s tragic death highlights a national crisis of police brutality, especially against people suffering from mental health emergencies. Heavily armed police officers should not be the first response to mental health emergencies. All people, but in particular Black, Asian, and Hispanic communities who historically have been oppressed, are entitled to receive emergency mental health services without the fear of being killed.

Anti-Asian violence and police brutality both stem from systemic racism. Therefore, we must unite in solidarity to demand that our government works for the people, not against the people!

Please join us on April 10th as we march with Christian Hall’s family to demand:

1. That the Monroe County District Attorney refer the homicide investigation to the Pennsylvania Attorney General, so that a complete and unbiased investigation may be conducted.

2. That the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police reform agency policies and training to reduce the number of mentally ill persons who are killed by his agency.